design, meet

we’re not in canvas anymore

html and css are what you see in your browser. they're not just code, they're design tools. when you design with them, you're not on a flat canvas, you're crafting within the web's natutal structure.

think of the web as boxes inside boxes. this lets you freely move and compose content. with rnbw, you're designing inside the web's framework. working within these limits, you're embracing the essence of web design.

simple yet dangerous

rnbw is simple enough for anyone, flexible enough for anything, and open enough to use anyhow. it differs from traditional software by focusing on atomic concepts. while features are great "one-size-fits-all" solutions, atomic concepts multiply their meaning when combined.

by breaking down complex ideas into atomic concepts, rnbw allows users to build their solutions in the best way possible that works for them, not others. we believe this design principle is the key to more powerful software.

files, who knew?

that's right, rnbw is local-first software as it lets you open and edit any file type like html, css, markdown, javascript, directly within the platform.

experience seamless, user-friendly editing as you visually manipulate your files and bring your projects to life.

design at your command

rnbw is prompt-driven and optimized for you and your keyboard. the command menus are designed to bring you that feeling of lightness and flow.

keyboard shorcuts are the de-facto way of doing things in rnbw. hit J for the jumpstart menu. hit A to add something. hit W to do something. you've just learned it!

coming soon

optimized for openness

rnbw is 100% front-end and offers an open core, allowing you to contribute directly or make the platform your own. you can run rnbw locally.

with its api-first approach, you can extend rnbw's capabilities to suit your needs. you can create custom actions and take full control of your design process.

Do something...
Create new action
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more imagine, less crafting

let digital mind do the work and unleash your creativity! ai-powered commands allows you to focus on creating.

rnbw uses artificial intelligence to understand your project and provides you with a range of tools to manage it.

design that works

rnbw is an environment to design in the web medium. build websites, apps, and design systems. create with popular libraries or make your stuff. while you act on your ideas, HTML & CSS are generated in the background. your design (literally, your code files) is a living product with unlimited capabilities. it helps you embrace HTML/CSS as the ultimate design tool and common ground with your development workflows. when your design is done, it’s done.